What We Offer

With Basant Rubber Factory, customers can avail single point source for all of their extruded and moulded rubber product solutions. Our aim is to serve our customers with one-stop solution, which will strategically aid them in their business.

Our end-to-end product offering includes:

Engineering and Designing

We work on client’s proposed diagram to achieve the end result. Termed as reverse engineering methodology, here we “dissect the diagram” of the product using CAD, which helps us understand all the intricacies and develop an end product that’s exclusively crafted to suit our customers’ requirements.

Tool & Die

Our in-house engineers design the required tool and die for the customer, which is based on their specified product drawing and requirement.

Develop Rubber Compounds

Our R&D team designs and develops core elements of the rubber compounds in order to achieve the customers’ desired physical and chemical product test.

Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid prototype system supports the developmental process, where the team produces the parts in a cost-effective manner and under minimum lead times.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Control department offers physical and chemical testing at all stages of production, including final product testing.


Our in-house metal fabrication department is equipped with high speed machining centers, precision grinders and hydraulic presses to ensure fast and accurate metal preparation for production.